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My session with Rachael was amazing!

It’s not recently that I have been stuck on the things we talked about in our call, and in that one session she brought all the clarity I was looking for! The meditation we did together was mind-blowing. I had a perfect and clear vision/answer for what I needed. I highly recommend Rachael and her activation session! 

Raine Boyd, Web Designer

Raine Boyd.jpg

Rachael Meisels is truly fantastic.

Her presence is so loving and genuine, you can't help but feel held and safe with her. What I loved most about our session was that Rachael really gets me, and she could see into my potential when I felt hazy and lost. I left our session feeling renewed, refreshed, and that I truly had an ally in her. I've gone on to create wonderful changes in my life, and I'm so glad I had the chance to work with this beautiful soul!" 

Lindsay Maxfield, Trance Channel & Medium

Lindsay Maxfield.jpg

My session with Rachael was amazing!

Not only is she super intuitive, but her nature and energy is so unique. The flow of our conversation was tuned in to exactly what I wanted guidance on, and the meditation created allowed me to fully relax, and receive. I highly recommend getting in her space and experiencing her gifts.

Sloane Ann Ehnat, Photographer/ Artist

Sloane Ann Ehnat.jpg

Rachael Meisels' guidance is a time-released love bomb...

Rachael Meisels' guidance is a time-released love bomb that continues to center and re-orient me into steadiness  every time I waver (about every 30 seconds, sometimes!). Because she sent me an image of her impression of me after our session, I know like I know, that she "got" me, and was able to hold that version of me so that I could see it, too.

Tamara Williams Van Horn-

Associate Director for Intersectional Identity Development & Assessment, University of Colorado- Boulder, and CEO, Black Womxn Reading Aloud

Tamara Williams Van Horn.JPG

Being coached by Rachael is unlike anyone else.

She helped me arrive at profound insights, shift my mindset, and gain clarity. But what made our session so beyond anything I have ever experienced is the energy shift that Rachael facilitated through coaching, guided meditation, and what I can only describe as a unique ability to work with energy. Rachel is gifted. I don't know exactly how she did it, but something changed deep within me during our session and I could still feel the effects days later. I have no doubt that the results of the work that we did in just one session will continue to unfold for years to come. Thank you Rachael!

Yonit Rothchild, Writer/ Artist/ Entrepreneur

Yonit Rothchild.jpg

I'm inspired and fortified...

I'm inspired and fortified with the powerful symbolic images and song that came up in the guided meditation.  Much gratitude for broadening my vision of what is next for me and for the gift of powerful imagery and symbols.

Tee Ming Ooi

Tee Ming.jpg
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