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About Rachael


Rachael Meisels believes in everyday magic- the kind where higher consciousness & free-flowing creativity take the driver’s seat.


As a performance artist and mystic, she experiences the spectrum of life through a creative lens, and is passionate about each individual deepening their intuition, enhancing their creativity and building authentic relationships.  


As a Transformational Coach, her unique methods combine down-to-earth, empathic conversations and mind-body energy work.  With new clarity, her clients unstick old patterns and release blocked energy to take the next right actions.  


As Creative Director with Moth & Raven, Rachael crafts unique transformational experiences for both intimate workshops and larger scale, full-sensory experiential events.   Both artistic and thought provoking, drawing on themes from nature, symbology & archetypes, as well as cutting edge consciousness theories, these experiences are designed to catalyze new pathways in thought and reality.


Clients have described her as a gifted intuitive, with a loving and genuine presence that makes you feel safe, held and seen. They’ve reported profound clarity and insights, along with “mind-blowing” energy shifts.


Rachael lives in New York City with her 2 daughters & husband, loves attending live shows, events & workshops.  She finds escape from the busy city by wearing her headphones around town listening to music and online classes, through yoga, meditation, or reading the growing pile of books on her nightstand.

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